USA Fender Parts Jazz (Geddy body, Badass, SD) $700 Brisbane.

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USA Fender Parts Jazz (Geddy body, Badass, SD) $700 Brisbane.

Post by Imaidan » 05 Jul 2018, 21:03

It's a bit of a Frankenstein but It's all original fender parts. It's basically an upgraded jazz.

USA Fender Jazz Neck
Geddy Lee 70s Jazz Body
Seymour Duncan SJB-2 (hot) Jazz Pickups
Badass 3 bridge
USA Fender control plate, 250k pots and Orange Drop capacitor
Custom full shielding with alloy tape and copper plates wired to ground.
Vintage Jazz Thumb Rest installed.
Schaller Strap Locks.

I've stuck purple paisley print onto the white pickguard, which unfortunately now has a crack it in (can't see the crack through the purple fabric). However I bought a new red tortoise shell pickguard but just haven't screwed it on. Happy to include both.


I already own an F bass and Smith Burner, so my 'jazz' bass needs are covered.
Prefer cash as I've got my eye on another bass, but might consider trades + or - cash for:
-pedal format preamp with a BMT tonestack.
-Micro-tron iii or 3 leaf envelope filter.
-Powered PA speakers (pref 12's)
-Behringer xr18
-Maple Board P bass

$700 + shipping. Also, it came in a gigbag so that comes along too.

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