Wollongong Ozbassers help needed

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Wollongong Ozbassers help needed

Post by absolutlytonedeaf » 01 Feb 2018, 21:15

Hey guys, trying to get a bass in Wollongong but the guys doesn't want to post, anyone willing to help me out there? $40 set of strings for your troubles?

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Re: Wollongong Ozbassers help needed

Post by Slapfest62 » 17 Feb 2018, 23:20

So . . I take it that you are trying to buy a bass from a guy that wont post it , and you live in Wollongong?

Well, I think some information about where its coming from , might be a good idea?

my 2c worth? . . pay for it to be fully insured in transit. . . surely then the risk is yours?
and if his problem is size or something (which , I'm relaibly informed, is a pretty common problem . . lol)
then, if its a bolt on . . tell him to take it apart, and you put it back together when you get it.. .
He wants to sell it, and you (presumably) have money . . . there's ways around it, if you want it enough.

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