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by blizzard
23 Jul 2017, 20:35
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Ebay thread PART TWO - the good, bad, and ridiculous...
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Re: Ebay thread PART TWO - the good, bad, and ridiculous...

veebass wrote:
19 Jul 2017, 19:52
Won't see another like this. Worth a read of the ad, if you are interested in old fenders.

Very cool, I want to believe the story. Love the aesthetics.
by blizzard
23 Jul 2017, 15:21
Forum: Electronics
Topic: Loop Switcher signal path
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Re: Loop Switcher signal path

Thats a very specific question. Typically loopers run in series e.g. loop 1 > loop 2 > loop 3 etc not sure on the Joyo one. You would be best to find the manual online and see what it says.
by blizzard
22 Jul 2017, 17:57
Forum: Electronics
Topic: Comp & Octaver (?) advice
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Re: Comp & Octaver (?) advice

I really like the MXR Compressor. Its 5 knobs but easy to dial in due to its meter and sounds good.

Octaves - I love the tone from the OC2, the EHX MicroPog / NanoPog are great too, the best tracking pedals I have ever used and gives you the option of octave up too.
by blizzard
20 Jul 2017, 20:55
Forum: Lutherie
Topic: Warmouth neck "support" rods
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Re: Warmouth neck "support" rods

Dead spots occur when there is sympathetic vibration in the neck. The natural frequency of a beam (neck) is dependent on the mass and stiffness of the beam. You can change the natural frequency of a neck by changing either of these which is exactly what both solutions do. Incidentally you can greatl...
by blizzard
20 Jul 2017, 18:46
Forum: Basses
Topic: List your basses from MOST used to LEAST used
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Re: List your basses from MOST used to LEAST used

Ok I will play. Due to work travel I have only played at home for last few years. 1. Mailloux Jaguar PJ 4 string with Sadowsky Blue SS. I love this bass, fantastic sound and versatile. The only con is the neck moves a bit. 2. Lakland Skyline JO5 W/fralins and Sadowsky Blue SS for when I want a 5. Al...
by blizzard
08 Jul 2017, 17:47
Forum: Off Topics
Topic: Photobucket Upgrade Email
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Re: Photobucket Upgrade Email

I have used Imgur before and it is the easiest photo site I have tried. Pretty sure it's pronounced Imager.
by blizzard
16 Jun 2017, 18:14
Forum: Amps, Preamps, Cabs - Classifieds
Topic: Mesa Boogie Big Block 750 - SOLD
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Re: Mesa Boogie Big Block 750

I remember trying one of these in a shop and thinking it was amazing. From memory these were around $3500 new. Unfortunately I don't play in any bands at the moment.
by blizzard
05 Jun 2017, 22:12
Forum: Electronics
Topic: Elf anyone?
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Re: Elf anyone?

I'm really interested in the 2x8 they are bringing out... not sure how loud it can get realistically... 2 of those would be an easy load in for sure! Tom Bowlus on Talkbass seemed to think the 2of the 2x8 with a 500W head was plenty for majority of gigs and sounded great. So definitely very interes...
by blizzard
04 Jun 2017, 15:14
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Topic: What Image Sharing Sites Do Members Recommend
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Re: What Image Sharing Sites Do Members Recommend

I have been using Imgur which is dead easy to use but recently it has become more like a social network type site where people can comment on pictures etc. I am pretty sure that you can disable tbat though from your pics.
by blizzard
02 Jun 2017, 19:42
Forum: Lutherie
Topic: Project Spitfire - The Rosewood/Morado/Cypress 56 P Bass
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Re: Project Spitfire - The Rosewood/Morado/Cypress 56 P Bass

Looks great. What do you mean by Fender veneer board? From your post it sounds like you radiused the neck then clamped a flat board to the neck so it conformed to the neck radius?
by blizzard
19 May 2017, 08:04
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: R.I.P. Chris Cornell
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Re: R.I.P. Chris Cornell

Paisley wrote:Suspected suicide was the last report I read.

Still hasn't sunk in; ironically he came up today in a discussion I was having with a mate. Talk about getting thrown a curve ball!

Confirmed suicide unfortunately :( terrible news, must be devastating for the family and band.
by blizzard
18 May 2017, 22:21
Forum: Basses
Topic: List em
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Re: List em

I'll play... 1. Wal mk2 4 string in Walnut 2. Warwick Infinity 4 string in Birdseye maple 3. Warwick Streamer LX 4 string with buckeye burl top and maple fretboard 4. MM stingray 4 with spalted maple top 5. Warwick Streamer LX 2011 Ltd with all electronics swapped out for Bartolini gear. ( Already ...
by blizzard
18 May 2017, 20:41
Forum: Off Topics
Topic: Where to start with home entertainment?
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Re: Where to start with home entertainment?

I am no expert but I have a pair of Q Acoustics 2020i bookshelf speakers and a Denon amp which sound great to me. The Q Acoustics were the best value bookshelf speakers I found when I was looking. One thing I found going into HiFi shops was that they either wanted to sell you a Home Theatre in a Box...
by blizzard
16 May 2017, 19:52
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Thought's on this new song.
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Re: Thought's on this new song.

I think some of the piano voicings remind me of Bowie? Its listenable, not what I expected from Harry Styles. I had a similar epiphany with Bruno Mars, I dismissed because of his first couple singles (Lazy Song) but he definitely has some great tunes which are almost a tribute to 70s and 80s rock an...