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26 Dec 2017, 12:07
Forum: Pedals and Accessories - Classifieds
Topic: MXR Fuzz
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Re: Corona mini, dd500, Fuzz, pickups

I’ll take those Jazz pick ups. DM me your PayPal.
15 Nov 2017, 19:46
Forum: Basses
Topic: Plek setup
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Re: Plek setup

Sydney Guitar Setups offers this. Was 250ish from memory. Had three set up there all drop tuning either AEAD or BEAD. All came back playing the best they ever have. Tight like a piano.. even the A or B string on 34 inch scale necks. Lasted for years on a stable neck.
28 Oct 2017, 10:32
Forum: Electronics
Topic: Aguilar DB751 vs TH500
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Re: Aguilar DB751 vs TH500

In Sydney it's impossible to find a store that stocks enough options to compare. Harder still is being able to test it at a suitable Volume. So YouTube has become the showroom. Coming from an all valve head, I got a T500 based on said videos... sounded great at home. But in a band situation it strug...
13 Jun 2017, 19:55
Forum: Electronics
Topic: Erratic Boss TU3 tuner
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Re: Erratic Boss TU3 tuner

I've used the first korg pitch black pedal that came out for years. Has been flawless tuning down to a Low A.
07 Jun 2017, 16:57
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Topic: WTB 3 or 4 unit amp case G O T O N E
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Re: WTB 3 or 4 unit amp case in good condition

I just got a 5 rack unit from pro light and audio off eBay. Happy with the unit, it took a day to arrive.
20 May 2017, 23:29
Forum: Electronics
Topic: Dynacord amp repair
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Re: Dynacord amp repair

Anything tube, I've always use Vito... always been happy.

39 Mitchell Rd.
Alexandria N.S.W. 2015 PH. 89374000
08 May 2017, 16:45
Forum: Watchdog Forum
Topic: The Feedback Thread
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Re: The Feedback Thread

Seller: Me Buyer: MrChameleon Item: Lil Bastard 30 Easy transaction, Thnx! Seller: AussieMark Buyer: Me Item: Ampeg 212AV Super easy transaction, great cab in great condition Seller: lepparda Buyer: Me Item: Musicman Stingray H4 Great Bass Seller: Me Buyer: zhaomh Item: Darkglass BK# smooth transact...
06 May 2017, 15:10
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Topic: Lil Bastard 30 Sold
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Lil Bastard 30 Sold

Ashdown Lil Bastard 30, all tube. Lots of chrome and cool vintage tones. Pretty light (less than 8kg at a guess) and a fair amount of volume from a big cab. "Edit" one website has it at 31lb, or 14kg? It doesn't feel it. Looking for $450 available for pickup Dulwich Hill or Moorebank, NSW. Can shop ...
25 Apr 2017, 14:58
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Topic: Metal acoustic drums and where to find them?
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Re: Metal acoustic drums and where to find them?

Best advice and service I have gotten in the drum department is from based in Enmore in Sydney. Shop is run by working drummers who cover all styles, not the typical music shop sales guys.
20 Mar 2017, 11:14
Forum: Cave Passive Pedals
Topic: Tighter Ar$e
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Re: Tighter Ar$e

Received this morning - thnx Heath
24 Feb 2017, 18:25
Forum: Electronics
Topic: Post your rigs - PART TWO
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Re: Post your rigs - PART TWO

lepparda wrote:Updated (a few options to choose from depending on the band/venue etc.)

I see you've made it an all rosewood line up Adrian.
22 Feb 2017, 12:23
Forum: Lutherie
Topic: Checking the Action.
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Re: Checking the Action.

We have seen some younger girls starting out seeking advice on this forum. Wasn't the best advice for all users now was it?
08 Feb 2017, 17:07
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Great condition with box and velcro on the bottom. this USA made Bk3 has maybe left the house 5 times so it's almost brand new. It's a cool pedal, im about 97% happy with it - still looking for the extra 3% Works great with both hi and lo out put pick ups. Looking for 200.00 Located in Dulwich Hill ...
17 Jan 2017, 22:28
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Topic: WTB Pedal Board
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Re: WTB Pedal Board ... Ap_h8P8HAQ

They also sell a mini version that I use. free delivery and good quality product. Recommended
07 Jan 2017, 14:45
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Topic: Black sheep Outlaw overdrive - SOLD
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Re: Black sheep Outlaw overdrive

Bump - I have too many overdrives will trade for an envelope filter.

This is a good drive, works great with passive pickups.